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Georgia Pain Management and Diagnostics
Georgia Pain Management and Diagnostics


If you have pain, you know how it can rob you of the lifestyle you enjoy most. Spending time with friends and family is more difficult than ever and maybe you’ve been watching life pass you by. If you are tired of struggling from day to day, or you have sought help and not found relief, Dr. Kathy Herndon of Georgia Pain Management and Diagnostics is here to listen to your needs, then develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help you conquer your pain.

Dr. Herndon approaches your pain differently. Because she has suffered from chronic pain herself, she brings a first-hand understanding to her practice that is hard to find elsewhere. By combining a compassionate spirit with advanced pain management techniques and board-certified expertise, she is setting new standards in how physicians approach and manage pain.

Pain affects all parts of the body and must be treated holistically. As a patient of Georgia Pain Management and Diagnostics, you can expect to receive psychological and physical care from a multi-disciplinary team of providers who will combine physical therapy, medical procedures and coping skills into a pain relief treatment plan that has been designed specifically for you.

While some patients will require the use of narcotics to control pain, Georgia Pain Management and Diagnostics takes pride in offering patients other alternatives. By staying away from the “pill mill” approach, Dr. Herndon offers a variety of services that include injections, acupuncturenerve blocks and more for all areas of the body from the hand and wrist to the neck, spine and hips.

Get started on the road to a pain free life. Serving patients in the Gainesville, Georgia area, Georgia Pain Management is here for you. Call our office at (678) 677-5997 for new patient scheduling or request an appointment online.